Surface treatment

Surface treatment of 3D printed and vacuum casted parts

There are many finishes and finishing options for plastic parts. In the Protocast we have set up processes for individual types of 3D printing and castings so that the result is the best. In addition to sand-blasting, painting and plating, we also offer fine laser burning and engraving.

3D print finnishing

You can get printed parts from us either without surface treatment, sanded, sandblasted, puttyed, painted or plated. The type and difficulty of the finish depends on the type of 3D printing and the material used.

We offer 3 degrees of gloss:

  • 5% gloss - deep mat
  • 30% gloss - semi gloss
  • 90% gloss - shiny gloss

We offer chrome plating or toning of plastic parts according to your requirements.

Cast finnishing

The castings have an identical surface as the master model when removed from the mold. You just need to clean up the dividing plane. For transparent parts or high-gloss parts, we offer subsequent polishing to achieve a perfect surface. If necessary, parts can be sandblasted or painted.

Possibilities of our prototype workshop

We have a very well equipped machine and tools, so we can deliver your prototype in the shortest possible time with the best surface quality.

What finishing technologies can you find in our company:

Sand-blaster cabin
  • Corundum
  • Plastic balls
  • Chamber space 1200x600x600 mm
  • Paintshop
  • 2 komponent polyurethanes
  • Color swatch RAL
  • Parts up to 1000 mm

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