Materialize Ideas

Manufacturing of plastic composite and metal prototype parts. From concept to product and implementation.

Our prototype workshop equipment

CAD equipment
Autodesk Fusion 360
  • 3D modeling
  • Strength simulation
  • Rendering
  • 3D printers
  • FDM 250x210x210 mm
  • SLA 335x200x300 mm
  • MJF 380x248x350 mm
  • SLM 250x250x375 mm
  • Vacuum chamber
  • Diameter up to 600 mm
  • Length up to 1000 mm
  • Vacuum 98%
  • Autoclave
  • Overpressure 7,5 amt
  • Diameter 350 mm
  • Lenght 600 mm
  • Laser plotter
  • Cutting, Engraving
  • Laser power 100 W
  • Dimensions 900x600 mm
  • Sand-blaster cabin
  • Corundum
  • Shells
  • Plastic balls
  • Dimenstions 1200x600x600 mm
  • Paintshop
  • 2 komponent polyurethanes
  • Color swatch RAL
  • Parts up to 1000 mm
  • Modeler
    With golden Czech hands and a lot of modeling equipment:-)
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    What we have already created

    Get inspired by the most exciting things we've created for our customers in the past.

    which we use

    Materials for 3D printing

    You can print from a variety of materials. According to your desired properties we can offer the right material and related technology of 3D printing, because each technology has its own palette of materials. Connect with us and we will select the best for your project.

    More about 3D materials
    Casted resins

    In our work shop we use mostlycasting polyurethanes (PU) and epoxy resines. They excel very wide range of properties. Solid, rubbery or foamy. We have resins replacing industrial plastics such as ABS and PE for the production of hi-tech prototypes. UV stable transparent resin for use from technical light guides to jewelry and table tops "Resin river table". Therefore, it is not a problem for us to find material exactly for your needs.

    More about casting resins

    Silicone is a great material! It stands out for its flexibility, health harmlessness, but also weather resistance and chemicals . Silicones differ in their hardness, color, as well as skin and food contact certification. We will produce custom-made everything from seals, pump membranes to sweets.

    More about silicones

    How do we work

    We are acting fast

    3D print from 6 hours
    Surface treatment from 24 hours
    Silicone molds from 48 hours
    Prototype casts from 50 hours

    We think differently

    We propose alternative solution of design tuned for 3D printing
    We minimize number of P/Ns
    We have personal approach

    We create perfection

    We guarantee 100% functionality
    We guarantee perfect surface
    Our motivation is Your satisfaction

    Let's be friends

    Project financing

    In 2019, Protocast, s.r.o. support from the European Structural and Investment Funds, implemented through the Operational Program Prague - the growth pole of the Czech Republic and drawn through the first call of Specialized Vouchers (reg. no. CZ.07.1.02 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16_027 / 0000607). The support was aimed at the participation of Protocast, s.r.o. for the project "Creating a Protocast Website and Online Promotion Plan" in Prague to improve the company's online presentation and awareness. The expected outcome is a website, their editing environment, and designing online promotion.