Scale models

Presentation models and scale dummy

We are a team of enthusiastic modelers. We can create a faithful model of your product no matter how complex it is. We can produce models in units of pieces, but also a series of hundreds. It is up to the customer's wish and vision. We always try to establish a harmony between the amount of displayed details and the economic side.

Before starting production, we like to create computer visualizations to give the customer the best possible picture of his future model.

Airplanes models

We are proud to produce the 1:48 and 1:24 L-39 NG and L-159 aircraft models for our largest aircraft manufacturer to help us attract future customers as well as present existing ones.

Our 40 cm large Beechcraft KingAir 350i models decorate the stand of Czech Air Traffic Control at fairs around the world.

Scaled beer bar

We are not just focusing on the aviation industry. We can also taste the eye of every beer lover. In this case, a miniature tap of our golden drink.

Landing gear

Based on the customer's 3D documentation, we created a computerized visualization and then produced a faithful scale model of the airplane's undercarriage leg. In our prototype workshop we can produce both fixed and flexible components, so the chassis model is fully functional. The size of this model is 400 mm.

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