Molds and stamps

Custom molds, dies and stamps

We are specialists in flexible molds. We produce molds not only for our own needs for vacuum casting, but also for customers of various professions. Our concrete punchers even went to beautiful Zanzibar, where they participated in the decoration of the luxurious resort, for which the Czechs won a prestigious award.

Concrete stamps

Decals of your company logo, or special decoration in the admitted concrete looks really cool. Let us produce dies or decals of any size.

Molds for joint replacement

Based on prototypes of joint replacements printed on a 3D metal printer, we have produced silicone molds for the production of wax models for die-casting.

Molds for copies of historical objects

We can create forms for making copies of historical parts of all kinds. We use the original part directly to produce the silicone mold, or we will gently scan the original with a 3D scanner and print a copy on a 3D printer. For metal objects we make wax models for metal molding and casting.

Molds and stamps for foodstuffs

We produce molds and stamps for confectioners and bakers by professionals and amateurs. We can also produce large series molds for large quantities.

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