Device covers

Device covers

Inventing electronic devices is a very complex and challenging discipline. We admire teams and individuals who are embarking on this. We realize that every electronics needs to pack properly. And not only for aesthetic but also protective reasons. We offer development co-operation, cover production for your prototypes and subsequently help with the transition to mass production at our production partners.

Small-batch production of covers

If you need to cover your equipment before the mass production on injection molding machines starts? Are you planning a small-scale production of tens or hundreds of pieces? Do you insist on functionality and quality of the surface? Then we are here for you.

Rubber covers magnifying modules

Very nice protective covers made of 60 ShoreA hardness rubber for prototypes of Meopta enlarger modules. Thanks to the flexible molds, we produced parts without a dividing plane on the visible surfaces.

Big 3D printed housing

We can quickly produce large prototype covers for large machines. In this case, a 1420 x 900 mm large cover for AtomTrace a.s. made of PETG material. The cover consists of 45 pieces printed in parallel on 6 printers. This has greatly reduced printing time and delivered the prototype within 3 weeks of ordering, including accurate assembly, lamination and perfect surface finish.

The housing of aviation equipment

Aircraft Instruments of Unity, or how to create a aerial device from book reader? We helped the Czech company Unity with this problem. We have created an enlarged back to the book reader to accommodate the necessary sensors and larger batteries. The device was a great success among pilots.

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