Automotive program

Prototypes for automotive

Prototype production for the automotive industry is a specific production sector. We have prototype materials representing industrial plastics such as ABS, PE, PP and rubber, even at higher temperatures, so we can provide rapid production of functional prototype series.

2K parts - double component parts

We assisted in the development of door pillars and tuned the design of the rubber seal to fit the door as accurately as possible. There are parts that you can't simulate in Catia :-) Polyurethane with rubber properties is poured onto the solid skeleton so that the rubber is firmly attached to the support material to form a two-component (2K) part.

Sensors holder

Sensor mounts are very simple at first glance. However, to find the optimum shape and material for the correct function of the buckles and latches, so that they do not burst, but at the same time are strong enough to make the sensors motionless in all situations, temperatures and weather conditions can be very difficult.


We are able to print and plate parabolas made of heat-resistant material. The printed material will last 240 ° C and a plating of at least 120 ° C without yellowing.

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