Production of artworks on order

We can appreciate art in any form and make us sincere joy to support it. We help artists materialize their original ideas because: 

Nature is the work of the universe, but art is the work of man.
Karel Čapek

Point Sculpture

We produce beautiful 3D graffiti POINT by Jan Kaláb. When modern technology combines with art, perfect works are created.

Customized Trophy

We produce trophies of all kinds. Here, for example, trophies for the best Czech paraglidysty.

Table tops

Beautiful wood is a work of art in itself. Why not use transparent resin and backlight to highlight its curves? We produce the original "Epoxy river bench" according to our own designs, but also on customer's request. In this case it is a solid walnut wood filled with a transparent epoxy resin with a green tint. The board is placed on a metal base coated with transparent powder coating, so that the sanding of the welds is visible. We pay attention to every single detail to make perfect parts of our parts.

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